ChickQuest, a Classroom Journey Through the Life Cycle of Chickens, is a 4-H School Enrichment Program that challenges students to use Science, Engineering and Technology to investigate the life cycle of an embryonic chicken egg.

From monitoring living eggs to observing fluffy chicks, these lively activities pique curiosity, encourage collaboration and communication, and provide young scientists with unforgettable experiences. The United Soybean Board, the Ohio Soybean Council and OSU Extension want to provide this curriculum for 200 elementary teachers in Ohio during the 2016–2017 school year.

Each teacher will receive:

  • Teacher Guide
  • Science Log books—one per student in your classroom
  • incubator
  • fertilized egg coupon
  • kit that includes experiment supplies
  • one day of professional development training for the teacher

“Your enthusiasm was contagious. I feel ready to help my students better understand life cycles of living things. We have already ordered our eggs.”

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