No one can resist these adorable little chicks!

Cynthia Madanski Robinson Elementary School Toledo, OH… continue reading →

"Here's what we've been waiting for!"

Mindy Heaston teaches 3rd grade at Graham Elementary in St. Paris, Ohio. She says:… continue reading →

Learning and using gel electrophoresis in class

After attending last summer’s Ag Biotech Academy workshop, Catherine Ledford-Jones used the gel electrophoresis lesson with her biology class at Dixie High School. The workshop provided an opportunity… continue reading →

So THAT'S what was in those eggs?!?

Last spring at East Technical High School in Cleveland, students in 9-12 Agriscience Education classes experienced firsthand the miracle of life through the hatching of baby chicks. ChickQuest allowed… continue reading →

Soybean Yield: Fertilizers, GMO and Non-GMO plants

Dublin Coffman High School student Emily Fan is researching the differences of bean production between GMO and non-GMO plants when exposed to organic and inorganic fertilizer. She became interested in… continue reading →

STEM to STEM grant allows career exploration

Katherine Velikaz is a 7th and 8th grade science and 8th grade CTE teacher at Ottawa River Elementary in Toledo, Ohio. She won a STEM to STEM grant award from GrowNextGen and the Ohio Soybean Council… continue reading →

"The highlight of the students' day"

Wendy Williams Beatty Park Elementary School Grades 3-5… continue reading →

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