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Special education classrooms enjoy hatching chicks

David Lockard is an instructional coach for the Cleveland Metropolitan School District. He attended the ChickQuest workshop and conducted the lessons and hatching with two Special Education classrooms… continue reading →

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An engaging experience at Almira Academy

Desiree Volney teaches 3rd grade at Almira Academy in the Cleveland Metropolitan School District. She attended a ChickQuest workshop and said, “My students really enjoyed the program. They were comple… continue reading →

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Students study chickens, eggs and more chicks

Paula Ritter and Jerry Boes Arcadia High School… continue reading →

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Baby chicks at Bolton Elementary

Keisha Pitts-Bullard Bolton Elementary School… continue reading →

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A favorite part of 4th grade

Alexis Swisher Imagine Groveport Community School… continue reading →

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A chance to try DuckQuest!

Eileen Elswick 5th grade science teacher Hayes Intermediate, Grove City… continue reading →

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You're never too old for ChickQuest!

​Jane Kuhlman Mount Vernon Middle School… continue reading →

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No one can resist these adorable little chicks!

Cynthia Madanski Robinson Elementary School Toledo, OH… continue reading →

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"Here's what we've been waiting for!"

Mindy Heaston teaches 3rd grade at Graham Elementary in St. Paris, Ohio. She says:… continue reading →

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So THAT'S what was in those eggs?!?

Last spring at East Technical High School in Cleveland, students in 9-12 Agriscience Education classes experienced firsthand the miracle of life through the hatching of baby chicks. ChickQuest allowed… continue reading →

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"The highlight of the students' day"

Wendy Williams Beatty Park Elementary School Grades 3-5… continue reading →

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Examining eggs and checking on chicks

Rob Isner is program manager for 4-H Youth Development, working at George Washington Carver STEM School in Cleveland. As part of the Agriscience in the City program, Isner followed up with teachers who’d… continue reading →

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Chicks in the classroom part of Agriscience in the City

Rob Isner works at George Washington Carver STEM Elementary School in Cleveland as Program Manager for 4-H Youth Development. His position is part of the “Agriscience in the City” program created in 2014… continue reading →

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Fall ChickQuest workshop held

32 teachers met at the 4H building on the Ohio State University campus for this fall’s ChickQuest workshop. Presenter Jeanne Gogolski took the participants through the ChickQuest curriculum, demonstra… continue reading →


Animal Agriculture: Engineer an Egg Catcher

How do engineers solve problems in agriculture? It takes 30 million eggs a day to satisfy the US consumer! Ohio is #2 in the nation in egg production and ag engineers have helped to design facilities that keep chickens safe from predators and disease…

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Animal agriculture: the egg comes first

Thirty-nine teachers recently braved November snow and low temperatures to spend a day learning about animal agriculture in the ChickQuest workshop. This school program encourages 3rd graders to use… continue reading →

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