How does your sprayer spray?

Dublin Jerome High School teacher Chuck Crawford’s students are gaining agricultural understanding as part of their AP Environmental Science coursework. Crawford’s lessons are available on the GrowNextGen website. The students begin by reading about the science and engineering required to understand what farmers have to consider as they produce crops. Later, students conduct a real-life simulation, going through a decision-making process to determine the application of chemicals to a fictional farm while addressing the needs of controlling specific nuisance weeds. Students take a position on the application of chemicals to a field and defend their statement.

As a hands-on lesson, the students worked with a TeeJet sprayer rig. Crawford said, “This is a culminating project for my kids. It is the last piece after they have spent the whole year thinking about the ag industry. I created a version of this sprayer rig last year… then I redesigned it this year to work better. We use water and “spray” the sidewalk to determine how effective they can be with the applications.” You can see the sprayer in action here.


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