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Macromolecule Comparison of Dog Treats

Macromolecule Comparison of Dog Treats

The purpose of this project was to compare the amount of macromolecules that would be absorbed from four different flour based dog biscuits (soy, sorghum, wheat, and brown rice), and determine which base… continue reading →

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New AFNR units coming soon!

GrowNextGen teacher leaders and agriscience teachers Courtney Bockbrader, Meredith Wolfe, and Whitney Short are developing new units for classroom teachers. These units are part of the Agriculture, Food… continue reading →


Animal Agriculture: Engineer an Egg Catcher

How do engineers solve problems in agriculture? It takes 30 million eggs a day to satisfy the US consumer! Ohio is #2 in the nation in egg production and ag engineers have helped to design facilities that keep chickens safe from predators and disease…

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Animal agriculture: the egg comes first

Thirty-nine teachers recently braved November snow and low temperatures to spend a day learning about animal agriculture in the ChickQuest workshop. This school program encourages 3rd graders to use… continue reading →

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