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Global Impact students share science with elementary school

Students from Global Impact Academy shared science fun with their community! At the Lagonda Elementary School’s Science Family Fun Night, they conducted labs from the following units on GNG:… continue reading →

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Soy bioproduct research: BPA free

The Ohio Soybean Council (OSC) and researchers at Battelle have developed a soy-based, BPA-free coating for use in the lining of metal food and beverage cans and other coating applications. Dr. Bhima… continue reading →

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Cool curriculum for your classroom

Here are two of the creative units Rachel Sanders has developed for GrowNextGen:… continue reading →

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The versatile bean

Smaller than a pea, but used in hundreds of ways: You can’t do that with just any bean! Ohio is the 6th largest soybean producer in the United States. Many amazing uses have been found for soybeans,… continue reading →

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Stuck without science fair ideas?

Tired of the familiar old baking-soda-and-vinegar “volcano”? The potato clock? The effect of colored lights on plants? Well, yawn no more—we’ve got lots of exciting ideas for your next science fair… continue reading →

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E-learning fits nicely in your blizzard bag

When winter weather hits, teachers need plans for assignments that can be completed at home or as make-up work. The GrowNextGen website has several e-learning courses that are easy to use in blizzard… continue reading →

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GrowNextGen makes an impact

Recently, science instructor Rachel Sanders and social studies instructor Jamie Lesesky and their classes at the Global Impact STEM Academy in Springfield, OH, were named the recipients of the Ohio… continue reading →

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