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Agricultural Engineering

Agricultural engineers explain their work and how they use biology and engineering to make farms energy…

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GMO controversies: science vs. public fear

Chair of the Department of Agronomy, head of the Department of Genetics and Biotechnology at the Biotechnical faculty, University of Ljubljana, Borut Bohanec presents information about:… continue reading →

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Experiment checks influence of GM feed on Japanese quails

Researchers investigated the effects of genetically modified feed on ten generations of Japanese quail chicks. The experimental groups were fed GM soy and non-GM maize, GM maize and non-GM soy, or both… continue reading →


Managing Nutrient and Pesticide Needs in Agriculture

Why do farmers spend time and money to apply chemicals to their fields? In this threaded PBL*, (an effort to integrate agricultural understandings into the normal sequence of an Environmental Science classroom) students will conduct several “close reads” (reading for unde…


Where Does Our Food Come From Anyway?

How do growers’ decisions affect the sustainability of agricultural systems? Understand and appreciate food producers through this case study and determine what decisions must be made on a yearly, monthly or daily basis to maintain an environmental system that will continue to…

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