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The Ohio Youth Institute and World Food Prize give students global awareness of food issues

Students from the Global Impact STEM Academy in Springfield recently attended the World Food Prize in Iowa, met many world leaders, and learned about fighting world hunger. Interested in this opportunity… continue reading →

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Facing World Hunger Challenges

Recently the Columbus Council on World Affairs (CCWA) conducted their Global Food Summit. This event was held in cooperation with the Ohio Soybean Council. CCWA’s Patrick Terrien spoke with Phil Karst… continue reading →

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Oh Soy Good

How might soymilk, and other types of milk, help ensure food security?… continue reading →

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A Different Kind of Farming

Teachers attending the 2015 Ag Biotech Academy took a field trip to Freshwater Farms in Urbana, Ohio. This facility has been in operation for over 30 years, raising rainbow trout, yellow perch, and… continue reading →

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