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Woeber's Mustard plant tour reveals an array of job opportunities

What’s even more amazing than the hundreds of products made at the Woeber’s Mustard plant? All of the jobs related to them! Teachers attending the Ag Biotech Academy workshop toured the facility and… continue reading →

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Career advice: be open to trying new things

Zen-Noh Grains Exporters’ Kelsie Heath tells about her educational background and career path. She has some advice for students.… continue reading →

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Learn about managing grain exports

Eric Slater, General Manager of Zen-Noh Grain Corporations Export Terminal in Convent, Louisiana talks about his job and how students can prepare for careers.… continue reading →

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Shipping soybeans is no small matter

From nearby farms here in Ohio, soybeans are in for an interesting journey, and it takes a LOT of people to make it happen! One of the key players is Zen-Noh Grain Corporation in Convent LA, located on… continue reading →

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Destinations of soybeans

Do you know where the soybeans grown here in Ohio end up? All over the world! John Motter, Treasurer of The United Soybean Board (USB), explains how far and wide those soybeans travel.… continue reading →

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New eyes in an ag world: a social studies teacher visits Commodity Classic

Commodity Classic is “America’s largest farmer-led, farmer-focused convention and trade show”. Held this year in New Orleans, it attracted 9770 participants, one of whom was Matt Martin, a social studies… continue reading →

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Flooding impacts soybean transportation

Learn about the way recent flooding has affected soybean transportation from Ohio to China in this NPR story. Your students can see how natural disasters here affect transportation and the economy. Now… continue reading →

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