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STEM elementary visits Waterman Farm

A hundred first graders from Herbert Mills STEM Elementary recently visited OSU’s Waterman Farm. Their visit was made possible by the Ohio Soybean Council. While on the farm, students were able to make… continue reading →


Beans About Water: Soybeans and Food Science

What role do soybeans and soy products play in my everyday life? Are soybeans everywhere? Really? Check ingredient labels in a variety of cookies, peanut butter, soups, chips, chocolate candy, microwave popcorn and other processed snacks. Many of the foods we eat…

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New unit—Soy in food: What is that doing there?

In this unit, students measure the nutrient content of various foods, determine the function of soy in foods, and learn how fermentation of soy can be used to make different foods. The unit includes… continue reading →

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Mooove over, Bessie; there's a new (Soy)Cow in town!

A “SoyCow” is a processing system that can grind and cook whole soybeans into soymilk, from which beverages, soya “cheese” (tofu), yogurt and other soy foods can be made. The SoyCow can process 4 pounds… continue reading →

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