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GNG's support for educators recognized by OAAE

GrowNextGen has been awarded the Ohio Association of Agricultural Education’s (OAAE) 2017 Outstanding Cooperation award. This annual award recognizes organizations, agribusiness companies, and others who… continue reading →

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First place project checks soybean yield, water quality

Jacob Dennis of Pettisville High School is a big winner—first place in the Ohio Soybean Bioscience Award from the Ohio Soybean Council on State Science Day! His project compared the yield and oil and… continue reading →

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Ag Biotech Academy participants combine sports (sort of!) and science

The Ag Biotech Academy folks engaged in some fun and friendly competition. At dinner Monday night and again on Tuesday, they tried out creative soy hole games. These games were an assignment for Global… continue reading →

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What does a seed need to grow?

That’s what we asked the students at New Hope Christian Academy Field Day in April. They came up with all the right answers: the sun, water, dirt. Some mentioned ‘bonus’ items like worms and fertilizer… continue reading →

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Stuck without science fair ideas?

Tired of the familiar old baking-soda-and-vinegar “volcano”? The potato clock? The effect of colored lights on plants? Well, yawn no more—we’ve got lots of exciting ideas for your next science fair… continue reading →

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E-learning fits nicely in your blizzard bag

When winter weather hits, teachers need plans for assignments that can be completed at home or as make-up work. The GrowNextGen website has several e-learning courses that are easy to use in blizzard… continue reading →

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Ag teachers learn lab skills

Whitney Short and Courtney Bockbrader, both agriculture education teachers at Anthony Wayne Schools, recently conducted two biotechnology workshops for other agriculture education teachers at the Ohio… continue reading →

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