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Woeber's Mustard plant tour reveals an array of job opportunities

What’s even more amazing than the hundreds of products made at the Woeber’s Mustard plant? All of the jobs related to them! Teachers attending the Ag Biotech Academy workshop toured the facility and… continue reading →


Global Trade in Agriculture

Where did your food come from? How far did it travel? Many people are thinking about these questions prompted by the mantra “Buy Local.” But much of our food has been shipped by barge, ridden on rails and rolled on the road in trucks. Without infrastructure…

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International Trade

A career in global ag trade relies on strong interpersonal skills and an understanding of the food…

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Global ag trade resources put the world at your students’ fingertips

So how does an Ohio soybean end up as tofu in Japan? A new e-learning module and career video developed by a partnership between the Ohio Soybean Council and the Columbus Council on World Affairs helps… continue reading →

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Ag Biotech Academy participants combine sports (sort of!) and science

The Ag Biotech Academy folks engaged in some fun and friendly competition. At dinner Monday night and again on Tuesday, they tried out creative soy hole games. These games were an assignment for Global… continue reading →

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Workshop shows & tells teachers about job possibilities for students

How can you help your students learn about jobs in your area? The Ohio Soybean Council is a co-founding member of the North Central Workforce Alliance (NCWA). NCWA recently held a pilot workshop to… continue reading →


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