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How will technology change farming?

Farming has been around as long as man, and it’s seen a lot of changes. Farmers are always working to improve yield and efficiency. Make sure your tech-savvy students know how the information industry… continue reading →

Grafting Peas and Beans

Grafting is a common gardening technique that unites a scion (top of one plant) with a rootstock (the root of another plant). Often times people graft their plants in order to repair a broken or injured… continue reading →

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Fun at COSI's Farm Days

GrowNextGen was part of Farm Days, a special activity in August at Columbus’s COSI (Center of Science and Industry) museum. Kids made soy ink and used it to stamp farm images on a card to take home.… continue reading →

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Career spotlight: Food Scientist

A food scientist does a lot of interesting things:… continue reading →

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Help--and more--at your fingertips!

GrowNextGen has a great network of leaders who are willing to help you in a variety of ways.… continue reading →

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How are GMOs created?

Increasing Soybean Germination Rate

Seed germination begins with the rupturing of the seed coat and the emergence of the radicle, which will form the first roots of the seedling. Molybdenum is a catalyst for several enzymatic reactions in… continue reading →

Paper Mill Sludge: A Usable Fertilizer?

Approximately 10 billion tons of PMS are produced annually by the paper industry and pose a major disposal problem for paper mills. One possible solution to the industry’s problem is the use of PMS as… continue reading →


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