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Teachers LOVE making biodiesel with us!

GrowNextGen educators Jane Hunt and Heather Bryan recently led an Engineering in Agriculture workshop for 29 teachers at The Works in Newark, Ohio. The event included participants from elementary, middle… continue reading →


Hello, my name is… GMO

What is genetic modification? What does it mean if something is genetically modified? A lot of questions surround definitions of genetic modification. This unit models two different techniques of genetic modification and tries to help students understand the terms and the consequences of…


Dinner and Data and Drones, Oh My!

What technologies are used to help farmers become more productive and more sustainable? Drones (or UAVs-unmanned aerial vehicles) are taking to the skies. What are they doing up there? What other technologies are there that help growers become more productive, yet more thoughtful about the…

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Soy's role in feeding the world

How can soybean products help solve world hunger? After attending the summer Ag Biotech Academy workshop, that’s the question Penta Career Center teacher David Stacklin presented to his freshman Agric… continue reading →

Student research project

Which Brands of Organic Tofu are Genetically Modified?

If five brands of organic tofu are tested, then at least one will be genetically modified, because of cross-pollination and the difficulty of maintaining truly organic crops. The DNA was tested using… continue reading →

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Global Impact students share science with elementary school

Students from Global Impact Academy shared science fun with their community! At the Lagonda Elementary School’s Science Family Fun Night, they conducted labs from the following units on GNG:… continue reading →

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Agronomist shares science fair ideas

GrowNextGen brings the experts to you! Laura Lindsey is a Soybean and Small Grain Agronomist in the Department of Horticulture and Crop Science at the Ohio State University. She recently did a webinar… continue reading →

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Soybeans? Jobs? Just read the label!

GrowNextGen recently partnered with Cargill at the Career Exploration Academy held in Sydney, Ohio. This event, presented by the Workforce Partnership of Shelby County, allowed over 900 students to learn… continue reading →


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