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What kind of plastic can YOU invent?

GrowNextGen, supported by the Ohio Soybean Council Foundation, facilitated a renewable plastic activity at the Invention Convention Southwest Ohio Regional Final at Central State University on Saturday… continue reading →

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Bioscience careers and hands-on fun at SWOBEC

GrowNextGen coordinated a session for about 90 high school juniors from schools comprising the Southwest Ohio Bioscience Education Consortium (SWOBEC) at Southern State Community College in Washington… continue reading →

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When you think farming, think AQUACULTURE!

Are your students aware of the wet side of farming? Here are some interesting facts about aquaculture:… continue reading →

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WISHH effort provides soy protein to global schools

Take a look at this incredible work by The World Initiative for Soy in Human Health (WISHH), partnering with schools around the world to provide better nutrition for children. Soy protein helps with iron… continue reading →

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Soy Foam: Hiding in Plain Sight

Invention Convention regional finals are going on now, and State Science Day will take place on May 14. The bright young minds presenting their ideas are the innovators of the future, and inspiration… continue reading →

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Soybean Ink and Salad Dressing

Instructors Abby Snyder and Colin Day recently participated in Science Night for Geneva City School District in New York. They saw over 350 people and presented a soy lecithin ink lesson, connecting it… continue reading →

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Teacher leaders reach out to student teachers

Teacher leaders Courtney Bockbrader & Whitney Short recently presented to twelve Ohio State Agricultural Education student teachers at the Turf Grass Center at OSU. During the presentation, all pre… continue reading →


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