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How does your sprayer spray?

Dublin Jerome High School teacher Chuck Crawford’s students are gaining agricultural understanding as part of their AP Environmental Science coursework. Crawford’s lessons are available on the GrowNex… continue reading →

Student research project

The Effect of Soil on Plant Growth

Have you ever been curious if the type of soil used affects how plants grow? Five soybean seeds were planted 2.5 cm deep, in separate pots of each type of soil. After seeds were planted, all 10 plants… continue reading →

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Teachers praise GNG's career resources and win!

Angela Stevens of Mifflin High School had great things to say about the career resources on our site.… continue reading →

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The eternal (well, not quite!) flame

The Blanchester High School students finished the year with a unit on sustainability and green chemistry. The class completed the “Biodiesel: Soybeans as an Energy Feedstock” lesson by comparing the… continue reading →

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Moving Genes workshop at NTSA gets great reviews

GrowNextGen Teacher leader Pam Snyder recently presented “Moving Genes” to over 30 people at the National Science Teachers Association (NTSA) conference in Nashville. This workshop provided strategies… continue reading →

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When you think farming, think AQUACULTURE!

Are your students aware of the wet side of farming? Here are some interesting facts about aquaculture:… continue reading →

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What kind of plastic can YOU invent?

GrowNextGen, supported by the Ohio Soybean Council Foundation, facilitated a renewable plastic activity at the Invention Convention Southwest Ohio Regional Final at Central State University on Saturday… continue reading →


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