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Ag technology connects to a bounty of careers

At July’s Ag Biotech Academy, Dupont Pioneer Field Agronomist Jonah Johnson and Product Agronomist Matt Stroud spoke to educators about developments in agricultural technology. Farmers want to grow food… continue reading →

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From the coast to the heartland

A high school science teacher from California joined the group for this year’s Ag Biotech Academy held at Clark State Community College in Springfield. Saray Felix will begin teaching engineering this… continue reading →


Managing Nutrient Needs in Agriculture

Why do farmers spend time and money to apply chemicals to their fields? In this threaded PBL*, (an effort to integrate agricultural understandings into the normal sequence of an Environmental Science classroom) students will conduct several “close reads” (reading for unde…


Oh Soy Good!

How might soymilk, and other types of milk, help ensure food security? Investigate various milk sources and their composition through core disciplines of Science, Math, Social Studies and Language Arts to discover the availability of milk types within multiple cultures that…

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Students Use Biotechnology in Classroom

Juniors in the Agricultural Business Management class at Riverdale High School got first-hand experience with gel electrophoresis thanks to the Ag Biotech Academy and GrowNextGen Network. Agricultural… continue reading →

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"What does GMO stand for?"

People have opinions about GMOs, but do they KNOW what they’re talking about? Compare your knowledge with these people on the street!… continue reading →

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Connecting Consumers to Agriculture podcast

Food is something that people care a lot about: How does it taste? How healthy is it? How fresh is it? Where did it come from?… continue reading →


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