Ready-Made Resources

Teachers: Need ready-to-go resources for your science class? We’ve got you covered with these turnkey lessons and easy-to-use student assignments. No prep needed. Your students can learn independently and at their own pace.

Plug-and-Play Lessons

Need a quick lesson and don’t have prep time? These Plug-and-Play Lessons are perfect for you.


Your students can learn about products made from renewable resources, some companies that make them, and jobs in this field.

Commodity Transport

In this activity, students will be doing a logistics simulation, determining transportation and storage needs for commodities.

Global Ag

Your students will explore global ag and Ohio’s role in commodity exports and research related companies and careers.

Student-Led Assignments

Check out these user-friendly student assignments. Students can learn independently and at their own pace.

Food Science

Explore the science behind successful food product development.

Global Aquaculture and Soy Protein

Discover the expanding field of aquaculture, its role in meeting the global demand for protein, and related careers.


Learn about the role of GMOs in meeting the demand for safe, affordable and healthy food.

Plant Science

Understand how biotech and agricultural practices increase yield.

Soy Protein and World Hunger

See how soybeans are uniquely suited to fight world hunger and meet our growing population’s nutritional needs.


Follow agricultural commodities around the world and learn about logistics.

Water Quality

Become aware of the science involved in keeping water sources clean and able to be used by the populations surrounding them.