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Bring real-world science to students through agriculture

For Ohio teachers, by Ohio teachers
15k teachers around Ohio
500+ STEM workshops
80+ curriculum units
20+ e-learning courses
140+ industry leaders

Professional learning

GrowNextGen equips STEM educators, regardless of background, to teach through relevant context.

Free STEM classroom resources

Teach life science, environmental science, biology, chemistry, food science, and more with universally-relevant context: agriculture.

About GrowNextGen

From the field to the classroom: we’re on a mission to grow the next generation of STEM leaders through free educational resources.
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Ohio growers asked for it.

Every part of agriculture is embedded in science. Ohio growers want to continue to drive innovation in their evolving industry.

Teachers built it.

Equipped with proven pedagogy and classroom know-how, educators develop curriculum embedded with concepts students interact with daily.

Students benefit.

For over a decade, GrowNextGen has been building the next generation of STEM leaders to solve our global challenges.

“I found that some of my students had some misunderstandings about GMOs. So I searched on the GrowNextGen website and was able to easily find and use several GMO classroom resources.”
Leah LaCrosse
Middle school science teacher
“GrowNextGen helps connect our students’ career interests to the wide variety of opportunities in agriculture in Ohio. It’s great having the Ambassadors doing hands-on activities and having students see real-world tech applications—because ag is STEM.”
Nick Guidera
Middle school principal
“The impact that GrowNextGen has made on me is the complex topics. They taught me to take that very complex idea like turning a soybean into biofuel, break it down, and be able to explain it to anybody. I use it in my career in farm financials. I’m forever grateful.”
Micah Mensing
GrowNextGen Ambassador Alumni