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What keeps a plant from growing?

Some plants grow, and others don’t. A variety of biochemical signals can disrupt normal function or inhibit the synthesis of essential molecules needed for plant growth. Karen Dillon at Adlai E. Stev… continue reading →


Smart farming: using data to make decisions

What kind of data do farmers use to make decisions? Where does that data come from? Become a “farmer” on a journey from pre-planting to harvest to see what decisions farmers are making every year as they farm (or step into a farmer’s shoes as s/he makes a decision based on the data s/he…

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You’re invited on a virtual field trip to a pig farm! Prep your students for their visit with our Ready-made resource!

Teachers: More than 95% of all soybean meal (soy protein) is used to feed animals, primarily chickens and pigs. Our friends at the Ohio Pork Council are offering a free virtual field trip to a pig farm… continue reading →

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We have never bean soy excited before!

Elementary schools around Ohio are learning about soybeans through fun, fast-paced interactive assemblies. The Ohio Soybean Council is sponsoring these school presentations designed to educate children… continue reading →

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Hello, Milwaukee! Here’s some STEM in ag for you!

GrowNextGen brought “STEM in Agriculture” to teachers at the 2017 NSTA Milwaukee Area Conference. Teacher leaders Brian Badenhop (Ohio Hi-Point Career Center) and Jeff Jostpille (Fort Jennings High… continue reading →

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STEM elementary visits Waterman Farm

A hundred first graders from Herbert Mills STEM Elementary recently visited OSU’s Waterman Farm. Their visit was made possible by the Ohio Soybean Council. While on the farm, students were able to make… continue reading →

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Congratulations to these soy scientists for their success at National FFA!

We’re proud of these Global Impact student competitors in the Agriscience Fair at the FFA National Convention. Chester Folck, a senior, placed 8th in the nation for Power Systems Category, Division 5… continue reading →

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GNG teacher leaders share at National FFA convention

The National FFA convention offers lots of opportunities for learning in the teacher workshop strand. This year, GrowNextGen teacher leaders Courtney Bockbrader, Whitney Short, and Meredith Wolfe led a… continue reading →


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