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Hands-on, highly-rated, engaging, and free! In these workshops, conducted by experienced teachers, you’ll go through great lessons and take home the supplies to do them in your classroom!

Ag Biotech Academy

How can ag biotechnology contribute to food security? Hands-on biology and chemistry labs teach you about biotech; lectures and tours bring you up-to-date with research and development in the ag industry. Free classroom materials and lessons. learn more →


Take your students on a classroom journey through the life cycle of chickens. STEM activities promote unforgettable learning, and you’ll take home all you need to hatch eggs in your class! learn more →

Upcoming events

Science never sleeps. Here’s where GrowNextGen will be sharing science this month.


Ag Biotechnology Academy 2019

AgBiotech Academy introduces teachers to the ways biotech is incorporated into agriculture through food science activities and biofuels labs. For teachers of Biology, Chemistry and Environmental Science. At this two-day … learn more →


Experience Food Science: Field to Package

Want to increase your knowledge of food science? This workshop is targeted to Biology, Chemistry, Food and Consumer Science, AFNR Bioscience (A3), and any other teachers interested in how the … learn more →


Tech in Ag Columbus 2019

See the latest technology on farms such as auto-steer tractors and crop sensors. Learn how farmers are using data to make sustainable decisions. Hear about current research projects in agriculture … learn more →