Virtual field trips

Take your class on a virtual field trip to learn more about modern farming and Ohio agriculture.

In our spring planting virtual field trips:

  • See the farmer in action!
  • Engage in a live video tour of soybean fields
  • Ride in a tractor and/or combine
  • Ask questions about planting, seed germination, management, and harvest
  • Discover the uses and benefits of Ohio soybeans
  • Understand the challenges farmers face and the decisions they must make
  • Learn about current topics like GMOs, water quality, and nutrient management

Also, check out our upcoming turkey farm virtual field trip for elementary students! May 18 at 1 pm
Join us for a visit to Cooper Farms, an Ohio turkey farm! Students will see inside two turkey barns: the starter barn where newly hatched poults grow to be 5 1/2 weeks old and the finishing barn where they will continue growing until they reach 21 weeks and are over 20 pounds. They’ll also learn how turkeys are cared for as they grow and about turkey anatomy, behavior, and biosecurity. REGISTER NOW!

This virtual field trip connects with the following Ohio Science Standards:
Grade 1: Life Science: Basic Needs of Living Things
Grade 2: Life Science: Interactions with Habitats
Grade 3: Life Science: Behavior, Growth & Changes

Classroom teachers, please see below for registration information. If you are a parent or student, there is no need to register! You can follow all our virtual field trips live at our YouTube channel.

Upcoming virtual field trips

Watch for upcoming virtual field trip sign-ups! These trips will cover topics such as harvest, transportation, storage, water/soil quality, preparation for the next planting season.

Standards addressed on GNG virtual field trips

4th Grade Social Studies

  • Ohio and United States history: past, present and future
  • Example: How do you describe a soybean farm in Ohio today? What major changes have taken place in agriculture over the past 200 years?

4th Grade Science

  • Influence of Engineering, Technology and Science on Society and the Natural World
  • Skills: engineering design; obtaining, evaluating and communicating information; and recognizing systems and building system models
  • Example: How have science, technology and engineering increased soybean yields and improved farming practices in Ohio today?

5th Grade Social Studies

  • Regions and People of the Western Hemisphere
  • Explore the relationship between markets and available resources, where productive resources promote specialization leading to trade, resulting in regions and countries becoming interdependent when they specialize in what they produce best. Also, explore how workers can improve their income by gaining new knowledge, skills and experiences.
  • Example: How have science and technology changed the specialization practiced on today’s farms?
  • Example: How has improved soybean genetics increased the capacity for global trade? What specialized products are produced from soybeans and used worldwide?

5th Grade Science

  • Matter and Energy in Organisms and Ecosystems
  • Explore cycles of matter and energy transfer in ecosystems. The food of any animal can be traced back to plants, providing what animals need for body repair and growth.
  • Develop a model to describe the movement of matter among plants, animals, decomposers, and the environment.
  • Example: What are the cycles of matter in the ecosystems at work on farms in Ohio today?
  • Example: How can soil health, water quality and correct farming practices contribute to a healthy ecosystem?