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Virtual field trips

Join a live video chat or request a link to watch a pre-recorded field trip at your convenience. All you need is an internet-connected computer, webcam, and microphone.

Fall 2018 Virtual Field Trip opportunities

Learn how farmers are working to effectively manage crops and apply nutrients to improve water quality.

Meet an Ohio soybean farmer and see one of three intensive water quality research farms in the state. Science and data from these farms will help determine which crop and nutrient management practices are providing the best results in reducing stress on our waterways.

You’ll also hear from a precision agriculture expert about how technology allows farmers to precisely manage their crops, resulting in more efficient, effective and less harmful practices in efforts to improve water quality. Experiences during this trip include:

  • View a live bean field and plants to see how the growing season and nutrient management has affected the crop
  • See the monitors and mechanisms in place on the research farm and learn what practices are being tested to help the agriculture industry measure the impact of various practices on water quality
  • Learn how field mapping and other precision agriculture technology and equipment is helping farmers micromanage their crops
  • Learn the “4Rs” of nutrient management and how they help farmers improve our water supply

Great soybean-related resources for your students

Standards addressed

4th Grade Social Studies

4th Grade Science

5th Grade Social Studies

5th Grade Science

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