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Our purpose is to grow Ohio’s next generation of leaders, scientists, and entrepreneurs.

For over a decade, GrowNextGen has provided free, STEM resources for Ohio teachers to engage and educate their students through the science of agriculture.

Teaching science through agriculture works

See how GrowNextGen connects students to real-world science and careers through modern agriculture.

We are teachers equipping teachers

“We need the next generation of innovative STEM students to address the challenges that agriculture is going to face.”

Jeanne Gogolski
CEO & Founder,

Through the generous support of the Ohio Soybean Council and Ohio Soybean farmers, our educational specialists and GrowNextGen teacher leaders:

  • Develop and share free, proven real-world STEM educational tools to engage and educate the next generation workforce.
  • Connect Ohio students to high-tech careers in modern agriculture through the science embedded in it.

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“Our board is committed to making a difference through education by using the connection between agriculture and the science classroom.

“Our board is committed to making a difference through education by using the connection between agriculture and the science classroom.”

Tom Fontana
Ohio Soybean Council

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“I’ve seen a student go into biological engineering, working with a company in Dayton making titanium spinal columns after playing with the micropipettes to make biofuel. That’s what got his interest.”
Rachel Sanders
High school science teacher
“This workshop with GrowNextGen opened my eyes. Wow! I need to get this in my classroom because I can connect it to basically everything I teach.”
Chris Brown
Middle school science teacher
“GrowNextGen is working to make students aware just how important agriculture is to our country and how they can become involved in agriculture, even if they didn’t grow up on a farm.”
Mike Heffelfinger
Grower, Ohio Soybean Council
“We invite industry folks into our teacher professional learning events so teachers can actually ask questions, understand how their teaching applies to industry challenges, and how students may become the problem-solvers of what’s happening in Ohio right now.”
Jane Hunt
GrowNextGen Lead Educator