About GrowNextGen

Our purpose at GrowNextGen is to grow the next generation of entrepreneurs and leaders for the changing industry that feeds the world.

GrowNextGen was launched in 2014 with funding from the Ohio Soybean Council and Ohio soybean farmers. These farmer-contributed funds, known as the soybean checkoff, are invested in areas that will help expand markets, drive innovation, and build understanding to ensure the future success of the soybean industry.

We provide teachers with free, high quality STEM units and lessons that bring agriculture principles and practices into the science classroom. With a primary focus on biology, chemistry, food science and environmental science standards, the site includes e-learning courses and a network of educators and industry leaders to answer questions and provide resources to support the lessons. Our goal is to increase student interest in careers related to food production. Career videos and discussion guides describing career pathways allow teachers to give students a look into multiple careers they might not have considered.