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Win $100 (or more)! It’s soy easy with a great science fair project!


Science fair flyer

Teachers! Looking to help inspire your students’ science fair ideas? Download and print this flyer to share this info with your students.

The Ohio Soybean Council Foundation will award up to three $100 awards at each district science fair and up to $1000 for the best individual and team projects at State Science Day. To be considered, your project needs to include soybeans. And we’ve got some great suggestions to get you started!

Ohio Academy of Science

District Science Day

  • For grades 5–12
  • Award: up to three $100 awards in each of the 17 districts

Ohio Academy of Science

State Science Day

  • For grades 5–12
  • Award: 1st place: $1,000, 2nd place: $500, 3rd place: $250
  • Team award: $1000 to be split among team members

Idea starters

Have you ever noticed how many food products contain some form of soybeans? Did you know that soybeans can be used as a fuel supply? Or in crayons, paint, autos, and more? It’s easy to create a project that shows the relevance and importance of soybeans in today’s world and qualifies you for a sponsored award. Read through the questions below for some ideas and click on the resource links to explore more.

Food and nutrition

Questions to consider:

  • Why is soybean meal used to feed livestock and fish?
  • What advantages does soybean oil have over other oils used in the food industry?
  • What soybean by-products are used in the food industry?
  • Soy lecithin: what is it and what is it used for?
  • How can soybean byproducts be used to improve food nutrition and functionality?

Environment and genetics

Questions to consider:

  • How do soybeans benefit the soil as part of a crop rotation?
  • How is soybean production affected by environmental factors such as soil compaction, plant overcrowding, or fertilizers?
  • How have soybeans evolved over time? What role have humans played in their genetic modification?
  • How can we breed a better soybean to help feed people and animals around the world?
  • How can soybean farmers help protect water quality?

Industrial and biobased uses

Questions to consider:

  • Why are NASA and the Department of Defense interested in biodiesel? How can soybeans help?
  • How can we set up experiments to test soy vs non-soy products in performance and cost?
  • How can soybeans replace petroleum-based products: plastics, solvents, cleaners, adhesives, waxes, and inks?
  • How do products containing soybeans help the environment and human health compared to products made from petroleum?

General information about participating in a science fair

Participating in Ohio science fairs

Need help? Email Jane Hunt if you need help or supplies for your soy-based research project.