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Ag Biotech Academy: another winning workshop!

Ag Biotech Academy 2017: 2 days, 29 teachers, and lots of lively learning! This Ohio Soybean Council-sponsored workshop took place at the Global Impact STEM Academy in July, with two activity tracks.… continue reading →

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Precision in gene editing presents great potential

Kirk Reese, DuPont Pioneer Agronomy Research Manager, spoke to teachers at the Ohio Soybean Council-sponsored Ag Biotech Academy workshop about CRISPR-CAS technology, a bacterial immune system used to… continue reading →

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Ag technology connects to a bounty of careers

At July’s Ag Biotech Academy, Dupont Pioneer Field Agronomist Jonah Johnson and Product Agronomist Matt Stroud spoke to educators about developments in agricultural technology. Farmers want to grow food… continue reading →

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Congratulations to our Teacher Leader Katrina Swinehart!

Katrina Swinehart, a GrowNextGen teacher leader, was recently selected as one of DuPont Pioneer’s Agriscience Teachers of the Year. The path to this award began in December, as 315 teachers applied to… continue reading →

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Urban students plant soybeans

“Most people think agriculture means to put plants in the ground and drive tractors around,” said science teacher Chuck Crawford. He wants to stop this limited portrayal of agriculture by educating youth… continue reading →

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Big benefits from high oleic soybeans

How can soybeans help you eat healthy? Many favorite fried and baked food are made with traditional cooking oils, which contain high amounts of trans fat and saturated fat. Doctors recommend that people… continue reading →

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Crops on campus

“I’ve always wondered why they had corn here.” Now it’s clear to the students in Chuck Crawford’s AP Environmental Science class: The soybean and corn patch at Dublin Jerome High School is part of their… continue reading →

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