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September is National Food Safety Education Month

guest post by Abby Snyder, The Ohio State University… continue reading →

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Easy, Fast, Efficient Technique for Rewriting Plant Genome

“The speed and simplicity of CRISPR have momentous implications for agriculture: The process could lead to plants that can withstand what an increasingly overheated nature has in store. It could also… continue reading →

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Career spotlight: Food Scientist

A food scientist does a lot of interesting things:… continue reading →

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“What does GMO stand for?”

People have opinions about GMOs, but do they KNOW what they’re talking about? Compare your knowledge with these people on the street!… continue reading →

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Connecting Consumers to Agriculture podcast

Food is something that people care a lot about: How does it taste? How healthy is it? How fresh is it? Where did it come from?… continue reading →

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