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Checking peroxidase levels in soybean plants

Sarah Seeley, a junior at Benjamin Logan High School, was the second place winner of the Ohio Soybean Council State Science Day award. Seeley’s project tested which type of soybean has the most peroxi… continue reading →

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Ohio Soybean Board member facilitates student’s research project

Dublin Coffman High School student Emily Fan researched the differences of bean production between GMO and non-GMO plants when exposed to organic and inorganic fertilizer. She became interested in this… continue reading →

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GMO controversies: science vs. public fear

Chair of the Department of Agronomy, head of the Department of Genetics and Biotechnology at the Biotechnical faculty, University of Ljubljana, Borut Bohanec presents information about:… continue reading →

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Experiment checks influence of GM feed on Japanese quails

Researchers investigated the effects of genetically modified feed on ten generations of Japanese quail chicks. The experimental groups were fed GM soy and non-GM maize, GM maize and non-GM soy, or both… continue reading →

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How are GMOs created?

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“What does GMO stand for?”

People have opinions about GMOs, but do they KNOW what they’re talking about? Compare your knowledge with these people on the street!… continue reading →

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Students’ research locates gene, wins awards

On GrowNextGen’s new Student Research page, it is now possible for students to share information about their science experiments and research projects. Nikolas Grotewold and Henry Wu, winners of the… continue reading →

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Fish farms and taste tests

GrowNextGen offers curriculum in a number of subject areas including agriscience, biology/bioscience, chemistry, and environmental science, and more. All the curriculum is developed by Ohio science,… continue reading →

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