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We’re “Oil” Excited about these High Oleic Resources!

High oleic oil from soybeans is a modification to traditional soybean oil that has an increased level of monounsaturated fatty acid. This oil has more desirable chemical and physical properties than… continue reading →

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Learn “oil” about it! High-oleic e-learning course

Ever wondered what’s in your vegetable oil? A new e-learning course developed by GrowNextGen Teacher Leader Andrea Harpen with assistance from Monsanto will help you understand the chemical structure of… continue reading →

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Company pleased with high oleic innovations

Emery Oleochemicals has been in business for more than 170 years, but they aren’t stuck in the past. Instead, they’re on the cutting edge of new bioscience. Emery Oleochemical is a global company with… continue reading →

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Big benefits from high oleic soybeans

How can soybeans help you eat healthy? Many favorite fried and baked food are made with traditional cooking oils, which contain high amounts of trans fat and saturated fat. Doctors recommend that people… continue reading →

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