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Science fair support and more!

The Ohio Soybean Foundation is sponsoring awards in 2018 for soybean-related projects in the areas of biology, chemistry, engineering, physics, and or earth/environmental sciences. Awards are given for… continue reading →

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Promoting industry leader connections for your classroom

Looking for some high-oleic soybean oil for labs, or want a drone demonstration at your school? Stephanie Jolliff and Shelby Faulkner of Ridgemont High School made an audience aware of these possibili… continue reading →

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Learn about managing grain exports

Eric Slater, General Manager of Zen-Noh Grain Corporations Export Terminal in Convent, Louisiana talks about his job and how students can prepare for careers.… continue reading →

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Help—and more—at your fingertips!

GrowNextGen has a great network of leaders who are willing to help you in a variety of ways.… continue reading →

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