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Super soy winners at State Science Day!

Congratulations to these winners at the 2017 Ohio State Science Day! We’ll be featuring their research projects and findings on our website in the student research section.… continue reading →

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Statewide science search!

We’re looking all over Ohio for great science fair projects! The Ohio Soybean Council Foundation sponsors up to three $100 Ohio Soybean Bioscience Awards at each of the 17 district science fairs across… continue reading →

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Agronomist shares science fair ideas

GrowNextGen brings the experts to you! Laura Lindsey is a Soybean and Small Grain Agronomist in the Department of Horticulture and Crop Science at the Ohio State University. She recently did a webinar… continue reading →

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Soy Foam: Hiding in Plain Sight

Invention Convention regional finals are going on now, and State Science Day will take place on May 14. The bright young minds presenting their ideas are the innovators of the future, and inspiration… continue reading →

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The versatile bean

Smaller than a pea, but used in hundreds of ways: You can’t do that with just any bean! Ohio is the 6th largest soybean producer in the United States. Many amazing uses have been found for soybeans,… continue reading →

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Students’ research locates gene, wins awards

On GrowNextGen’s new Student Research page, it is now possible for students to share information about their science experiments and research projects. Nikolas Grotewold and Henry Wu, winners of the… continue reading →

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Stuck without science fair ideas?

Tired of the familiar old baking-soda-and-vinegar “volcano”? The potato clock? The effect of colored lights on plants? Well, yawn no more—we’ve got lots of exciting ideas for your next science fair… continue reading →

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