Experience Food Science: Field to Package

Want to increase your knowledge of food science?

This workshop is targeted to Agriculture and Environmental Systems (AES) AO and A3 pathways, Biology, Chemistry, Food Family and Consumer Science (FCS) and any other teachers interested in how the principles of Chemistry, Biology, and Physics apply to the research, development, processing, packaging and distribution of food products that are safe and secure.

Experiences and highlights include

  • Quality assurance / food safety
  • Hands-on labs that meet AES Science and Technology of Food and FCS Food Science standards
  • Value added product development
  • Field trip to food production facility
  • Information on two new credentials for students: Food Industry Associate and Food Industry Specialist

The two-day workshop includes labs and activities, dinner with industry experts, a tour of a food processing facility, and $200 of free classroom materials to all teachers who attend. Shared hotel and meals are included. 18 hours of contact time will be awarded for the 2 day workshop and 1 hour of graduate credit from Ashland University is available for $180.

The one-day workshop includes labs and activities (sanitizing, soy milk smoothies, emulsions), an industry panel, and $175 of free classroom materials to all teachers who attend.

Sponsored by CIFT (Center for Innovative Food Technology) and the Ohio Soybean Council.

Upcoming Field to Package workshops

Field to Package is held each summer. Check back soon for dates, location, and registration information! See all upcoming events.