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GrowNextGen teacher leader

Alex Henz

9th grade STEM teacher at Global Impact STEM Academy

Alex knows a lot about: STEM, science, engineering

What about teaching excites you?
Teaching excites me because it allows me to engage students with hands-on experiences and connect theoretical concepts to real-world applications. Seeing students’ excitement as they apply what they’ve learned to practical scenarios is incredibly rewarding and empowers them to become lifelong learners and problem solvers.

What was your “aha” moment when you realized the value of using agriculture as a vehicle to teach science?
Meeting industry professionals and observing how technology, science, and engineering intersect in agriculture has opened my eyes to the opportunities for integrating agriculture in teaching. From diving into the science of biomaterials to exploring the intricacies of programming precision ag equipment, agriculture provides countless ways to introduce students to a variety of content in a meaningful and engaging manner.

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