GrowNextGen teacher leader

Amy Kochensparger

Honors Biology, Biology, CCP Anatomy & Physiology, Science Department Chair at Eaton High School; PBS Digital Innovator 2017

Amy knows a lot about: anatomy & physiology, biology

Amy is willing to be contacted by other teachers regarding biology, technology, STEM, anatomy, edtech, PBS Learning Media, EdCamp. She would be interested in collaborating on or sharing about:

  • biology, especially as connected to state standards
  • PBL and STEM in the classroom
  • incorporating digital media into classroom instruction
  • breakout ed games

What about teaching excites you?
I love teaching science because it is a collaborative experience and therefore each day brings new opportunities and new questions. Science is such an exciting topic to share with my students because it is relevant, has a daily impact on our lives, and is constantly changing. These aspects allow my students and me to engage in science and make discoveries together.

How do you help students make the industry or real-world connection to what they’re learning?
Real-world connections are the basis for science investigation in my classroom because they are so engaging. I have found that pairing labs with video clips, interviews, and community-based problems allows science concepts to be relevant and also introduces my students to the many career options in the science and agriculture fields. Seeing scientists in action and understanding what skills they are using in the field validates the learning and discussions we have in class and leads to deep understanding of current issues in science. Many of my students have pursued science-based career interests as a result of the explorations we do in class. Plus, doing ‘real’ science is fun!