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Barbara Bloetscher

State Apiarist/ Entomologist for The Ohio Dept of Agriculture, Division of Plant Health

Barbara knows a lot about: apiarist, biology, pollinators

Bloetscher oversees the Apiary Program, which includes monitoring the County Inspectors, queen inspection program and registration of apiaries. She inspects colonies as needed in counties with no inspector and also trains and assists County Inspectors. She also addresses problems such as pests and diseases of bees, aggressive colonies, and neighbor squabbles; and answers a myriad of phone and email questions. Bloetscher works with the media to relay information about honey bees and also identifies insects and other arthropods on plants and objects that are submitted by the Plant Health Inspectors and the public.

She is available to answer questions, do interviews and possibly do some hands-on field work inspecting honey bee colonies.

What is the benefit of collaboration between industry/research/government and education?
Relaying solid research-based information is the best way to help people understand topics which may appear intimidating. Knowledge gives people confidence to approach and learn more about a topic and succeed in their quest to understand it more thoroughly. Honey bees have been kept by man since 7000 BC yet research continues, and more is needed. This effort must be undertaken by all involved, as industry, government and educators have different perspectives and experiences which when combined can demonstrate a more comprehensive teaching model.

By teaching principles of honey bee biology and beekeeping, we can help beekeepers avoid common mistakes and excel in their pursuit to keep honey bees.

Why should teachers connect with you through GrowNextGen?
We have experience inspecting colonies and know the rules and laws regarding keeping managed colonies.

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