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Glenn Mills

Waterman Agricultural Natural Resources Laboratory Manager and Olentangy Wetlands Facility Manager

Mills’ job is to aid researchers and their graduate students as they conduct agricultural, environmental, and natural resource research at Waterman and the OSU Wetland Facility. This research includes varietal development of crops important to Ohio’s economy such as corn and soybeans or the development of new crop possibilities such as pawpaws. Research also examines herbicide and insecticide efficiency and develops strategies to reduce their impact on pollinators and non-target species. The goal of these facilities is to demonstrate the best agricultural and environmental management practices to the urban population that surrounds Waterman, and to educate them about these practices.

Mills is willing to collaborate with local educators to build integrated curriculums in applied plant sciences and environmental studies. These could culminate in tours and discussion of current research that is ongoing at Waterman and at the wetland facilities.

What is the benefit of collaboration between industry and education?
This exposure to sound research-based agricultural and environmental information will produce consumers/future voters with a sound foundation to build educated opinions moving into adulthood. A knowledgeable populace protects industry and society as a whole.

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