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Teacher leader

Jane Hunt

Education Consultant at Education Projects & Partnerships LLC

Jane knows a lot about


Badges earned

  • Attended Commodity Classic
  • Attended Ag Biotech
  • Attended teacher leader professional development
  • Developed e-learning course
  • Developed curriculum
  • Conducted outreach event

What do you love about teaching?

The most exciting thing about teaching is seeing students make connections between real-world phenomenon and science principles. It’s fun to see learning occur whether it’s in the classroom or right here at home. For instance, I just explained to my 21-year-old daughter the connection between polar and non-polar substances and surfactants. I demonstrated by putting dishwashing liquid in a greasy pan, and it made complete sense to her. This kind of teaching can make a real difference for students!

How can we connect teachers with industry?

The best way to make industry or real-world connections is to bring industry folks into the classroom or go to visit on a field trip. I have connected students to technical careers through our trips to wastewater treatment plants and anaerobic digesters, and to food science careers by bringing in a speaker from the Ohio State University.