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GrowNextGen teacher leader

Jeff Jostpille

Biology, Anatomy, Environmental Science, Botany, Zoology, 8th Grade Science teacher at Fort Jennings High School

Jeff knows a lot about: biology, environmental science

Teachers may contact Jostpille about Biology, Biofuels, Genetics, Ecosystems, Land Labs and School Gardens, Aquatics and Macroinvertebrates, Science Fair Projects, Soils, Water testing, and Horticulture.

“I would enjoy working on genetics and related heredity topics, especially in the plant community. I’m interested in learning more about agriculture, its connection to other subjects, and how to implement these ideas into classroom experiences.”

What about teaching excites you?

I really enjoy, even after 28 years, explaining something to the students that has a real life connection to what they see, do, or hear. That moment that comes from putting all the dots together and having a revelation about something is priceless! To see that happening in class is a really gratifying experience.

How do you help students make the industry or real-world connection to what they’re learning?

I try to make those connections every day by making sure I am up on the latest news, especially with what I am teaching. I try to experience industry and careers as often as I can so I can bring that knowledge and experience back to my teaching. Being able share with students what I saw and did really helps them to know what the concept is all about. If I feel knowledgeable about and comfortable with the topic, I can better relate it to my students.

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