GrowNextGen teacher leader

Kelly Mikhail, MS

Zoology, CCP; Molecular Biology; Infection and Immunity teacher at Worthington Christian High School

Kelly knows a lot about: biology, immunology, genetics, bioclub

Kelly is willing to be contacted about biology, immunology, genetics, parasitology, and BioClub. She’s interested in collaboration or sharing on curricular content in these areas: Protein Gel Electrophoresis, PAGE, Western Blotting, Affinity Chromatography, Size Exclusion Chromatography, DNA and Agarose Gel Electrophoresis.

What about teaching excites you?

Teaching excites me because my students join me in the excitement of learning new and challenging concepts and techniques! I came to teaching from a bio-medical research background, so to hear, “This is cool!” when we conduct experiments is all the motivation I need to do it again.

How do you help students make the industry or real-world connection to what they’re learning?

I teach in an urban school where most kids have never even seen a garden. I realized the importance of connecting real-world agricultural science to the classroom when students did not know how GMO plants not only help reduce pesticide use but also increased yield to provide the world with a stable food source. Students were expecting to “see” some of difference between GMO and non-GMO plants. Our students are immersed in fake-news media that creates hysteria over unreliable information regarding GMOs and their role in our world.