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GrowNextGen teacher leader

Lindsay Sereika

8th grade science teacher and WEB coordinator at North Olmsted Middle School

What about teaching excites you?
Overall, I love getting to know students and understanding the role that I get to play in their lives. I love that science is everywhere and there are opportunities to learn more about our world and the universe around us constantly. There’s always research happening, events and new observations occurring, and ways appearing to connect to information out in the world around us. It’s so wonderful to share curiosity with students and to get them to make connections and ask questions and think beyond their own personal world and experiences.

How do you help students make the industry or real-world connection to what they’re learning?
I have brought scientists in virtually to share what they know as it relates to the topics we study in class. I also have students research different careers in science. We often look to current events or research that relate to what we’re studying and tie it in, too, whether it’s about a volcano erupting or a virtual field trip using Google Earth or fossils found in Ohio.

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