GrowNextGen teacher leader

Robin Bottini

Biology and Biotechnology teacher at Avon High School

Robin knows a lot about: biology, biotechnology

What about teaching excites you?
Teaching has always been exciting to me. I love getting to know the students and teaching them about topics that I am passionate about. I love learning and I feel that education is always evolving, therefore teaching strategies are always evolving as well. Teaching is an opportunity to excite students about topics and their futures in the real world. It is amazing to see students in action, and when they really understand a concept it is rewarding to see the process unfold.

What was your “aha” moment when you realized the value of using agriculture as a vehicle to teach science?
I try to bring real-life situations to my lessons as often as I can. I believe that students need to make connections in order to get excited about a topic. I also think it is important for students to be introduced to different career fields available for them to explore. Bringing in guest speakers and sharing current events are a few of the things I have done in the past. I am excited to continue to work with GrowNextGen to enhance those career connections.