2020 GrowNextGen Teacher Leader of the Year award winner
GrowNextGen teacher leader

Trevor Horn

Agriculture & Food Science / Food and Nutrition teacher at Reynoldsburg High School

Trevor knows a lot about: food, food science, nutrition, farm to table, culinary

Horn is willing to be contacted about food science, food and nutrition, and Farm to Table—Culinary Agriscience. He’s interested in collaborating on these topics, too.

What about teaching excites you?
The most exciting part of teaching is having an opportunity to support students grow as positive influences in the community. I love learning, then sharing the knowledge with students to empower them to make the best educated choices. This allows them to lead by example, influence locally, and desire to keep learning more information.

How do you help students make the industry or real-world connection to what they’re learning?
Food connects the dots to all the core values of education. Everyone has one thing in common—we all eat. This idea has allowed me to open students’ eyes to the possibilities of careers in the food industry. We discuss challenges and opportunities for growth. This drives them to think of ways to make improvements on a global level.