Soy McCoy coloring book

What is a soybean? What value does it have?
For younger students, a coloring book that introduces soybeans: the history and the uses in animal agriculture, bioproducts and the local grocery store. This is perfect for ag days, camps or after school events, especially when paired with small packs of soy crayons! See teacher background →

# Soy McCoy Coloring Book

Students complete coloring pages and activities in math and science as they learn about soybeans. Using soy crayons can reinforce the learning!


Teacher background

There are many things around us made from soybeans. Did you know the candy bar you ate for a snack contains soybeans? The cement sidewalks you ride your bike on and the ink that printed this coloring book also can contain soybeans!

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Next gen science standards

Science and engineering practices

  • Obtaining, evaluating, and communicating information

Crosscutting concepts

  • Cause and effect

Disciplinary core ideas/content

  • LS1A Structure and Function
  • LS1B Growth and development of organisms
  • LS2A Interdependent relationships in ecosystems