AFNR Natural Resources

How do we impact natural resources by our activities?
This unit helps meet some of the AFNR curriculum standards for natural resources. Students will learn how to test texture and other physical characteristics of soil, conduct water quality tests, engineer a water filter, identify air quality parameters, and research careers in natural resources.


Teacher background

Every human activity uses and impacts the natural resources of the Earth: soil, water and air. Agriculture is blamed for many negative impacts, but there are many things growers do to prevent those negative impacts. Consumers, too have many negative impacts on the Earth and its systems. This set of lessons attempts to investigate some impacts and discover ways those negative impacts can be lessened.

Curriculum authors

Courtney Bockbrader

Agriculture Education Instructor at Anthony Wayne High School and Penta Career Center at Anthony Wayne High School and Penta Career Center.

Whitney Short

Agriscience and Biotechnology Instructor at Anthony Wayne High School at Anthony Wayne High School.




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