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Industry leader

Abby Snyder

Assistant Professor, Food Safety Field, Specialist at The Ohio State University

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  • Conducted outreach event

My research focused on reducing fungal food spoilage in processed fruit and vegetable products. I am willing to connect with teachers and their classrooms to provide help with background information for lesson content, do a virtual classroom visit via Skype, or serve on a teacher’s advisory board. Follow me on Twitter for updates about food waste and spoilage fungi!

What is the benefit of collaboration between industry and education?

My collaboration with stakeholders in my field allows me to focus the areas of my research and outreach programs to better meet their needs. This expertise allows me to benefit education professionals regarding their subject areas.

What do teachers and students need to know about your industry?

Applied fields like food science depend on a background in the basic sciences (microbiology, chemistry, physics) which underpin the technical advances. Many times people approach food issues with a lot of emotion, which can be powerful, but good agricultural advocacy requires science literacy.