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GrowNextGen industry leader

Alexandra Stinemetz

Field Agronomist at Pioneer

Alexandra knows a lot about: agronomy, soybeans, technology

As a Pioneer Field Agronomist, my job is to collaborate with growers to optimize performance on their farms through product placement, various agronomic practices and the use of technology. Additionally, I work both internally and externally on agronomic education. This education ranges from outreach programs at elementaries and teaching students where their food comes from to informing growers of new diseases and weeds we have encountered in fields.

As a company, Pioneer has a commitment to education. We have many resources and opportunities to reach the community. Collaborating with educators is one way to reach those community members and certainly a passion of mine.​

What is the benefit of collaboration between industry and education?
Collaboration between industry and education is crucial in agriculture. There is a growing desire for consumers to know where their food comes from and how it is produced. This open line of communication allows the industry to effectively meet that desire for knowledge.

Why should teachers connect with you through GrowNextGen? ​
Growing up on a family beef cattle farm in east central Ohio, I have always been passionate about agriculture. One of my goals in becoming an agronomist was to help farmers but also help educate our ever-growing population on agriculture. I would love to continue the conversation with teachers through the GrowNextGen program.

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