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GrowNextGen teacher leader

Blake Campbell

Ag, Food, and Natural Resources; Animal & Plant Science; Ag Business; Environmental Science and Natural Resources; Food Science and Technology teacher at Warren High School

What about teaching excites you?
I love teaching students and watching them grow into young adults. That moment students begin to grasp an idea in class and make the connections—I love seeing those light bulb moments! It is great to see students excel in their Supervised Agricultural Experiences projects, when you see a student learn something in class and then take that knowledge and apply it to real life.

How do you help students make the industry or real-world connection to what they’re learning? Everything I teach in my classroom is related to real-life situations. Whether we are discussing the development of soil over time or genetically modified plants, I make sure to make a connection to each of my students in class. Students are better able to learn the material being taught in class if they can make a connection to their own life. By making an investment in their lives, you can make a connection to their education.

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