GrowNextGen teacher leader

Andrea Jacobsen

Environmental Sustainability/SOIL Lab Teacher at STEM Middle School at Baldwin Road

Andrea knows a lot about: pollinators, gardens, greenhouses, aquaponics, stem

I teach the students about the importance of environmental awareness and sustainable living through hands-on activities based around STEM concepts, and we maintain various types of gardens using greenhouses, garden maker spaces, pollinator gardens, and aquaponics. We collect the food that we grown and donate it to a local food bank.

At STEM Middle, we are fortunate to have the space and curriculum to expand on the traditional science class and apply the lessons learned to make a difference. Students create the garden space, grow the crops, and come up with solutions to the environmental concerns of today. Through videos and lessons we create throughout the year, we can share and possibly collaborate with other schools that may not have the space to test their ideas as we do.