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Teacher leader

Jamie Metzger

Science Teacher and Department Coordinator, Chillicothe High School

Metzger would love to be contacted about and to collaborate with other teachers on these topics: biotechnology, genetics, biofuels, biology, agriscience, STEM and some specific science programs offered to teachers and students.

What excites you about teaching?

I recently spoke to a student whom I had in APES for his senior year. He has always planned on becoming an oncologist and was going to major in biology as his undergrad major. He told me that when he registered for his college courses, he decided to go into Environmental Science as an undergrad, while still looking toward med school someday. He said he would never have even considered it until he took my class and that he valued everything he had learned, because it had forced him to really think about environmental situations and changes and how they affected him directly. That made my heart so happy! Having students tell you, even years later, how much influence you had on them during their time in high school makes teaching worth it!

How do you help students make the industry or real-world connection to what they’re learning?

I love teaching students about real life. For instance, agriculture and feeding our growing population is a part of our APES curriculum, as well as the history of agriculture, current ag practices and biotechnology. I love the fact that I can teach about my ‘other’ life of living and working on a family farm, because many of these students, even though I consider us a ‘rural city school’, don’t understand where their food comes from and what it takes to get from the field to the table. When they begin asking me questions, I can teach them about the options in agriculture, such as precision ag, GMO seed and crops, fertilizer application, soil sampling and testing, water quality, farming equipment and livestock. I use lots of video from our farm, lots of pictures of my family working and even bring my husband in to talk about his life as a full-time farmer. We also include a forester who talks about deforestation. This year, I plan on taking the class to our farm to see how it works, first hand, and also bringing in SWCD employees to speak to the class about watersheds and water quality. I would also like to bring some aquaculture to the class. We will also be working with the Ross County Master Gardeners on some landscaping and raised beds to grow some garden crops, as well as working closely with the STEAM teacher with the FarmBot and careers.