GrowNextGen industry leader

Matthew C. Roberts

Associate Professor and Extension Specialist at The Ohio State University

Matthew knows a lot about: osu, ag education, biofuels, economics, extension, marketing

As an Associate Professor, Dr. Roberts advises both undergraduate and graduate students on course, career, and life decisions. He teaches three to four courses per year, including undergraduate courses in Economics, Agricultural Finance, Futures & Options, and Grain Marketing and Merchandising, as well as econometrics at the graduate and undergraduate level. As Grain Marketing State Specialist for OSU Extension, Dr. Roberts educates producers and processors on grains and biofuels economics and finance, leading about 40 workshops around the country every year.

He is willing to connect with teachers and classrooms through a virtual classroom visit via Skype or similar technology or to serve on a teacher’s advisory board.

What is the benefit of collaboration between industry and education?

As an educator myself, finding the balance between the realism of the real world and the simplicity needed to teach effectively is always a challenge. But without relationships to industry, it’s difficult to even be aware of the complexities that industry is dealing with.