GrowNextGen teacher leader

Pam Clark

Guidance Counselor at Global Impact STEM Academy

Pam knows a lot about: stem, careers, chemistry, physical science

How did you come to GrowNextGen?

I attended the Ag Biotech workshop and became hooked on the practical applications, real-life connections and high-tech labs that could enhance student understanding of both content and career potential.

What’s the value of GrowNextGen in the classroom?

I’m always interested in how content connects to the world around me. GrowNextGen—with its practical labs that are focused on real-world industry problems—helps me make that connection for my students.

GrowNextGen creates a starting point for conversations to begin so that we can get both traditional and nontraditional agriculture students to consider the science and technology behind feeding the world, fueling the world, and providing shelter for the world today and beyond.

Why should teachers connect with each other through GrowNextGen?

GrowNextGen does the leg work for you. It connects learning to the real world while providing exact instructions for high-tech, advanced labs that engage and challenge students to solve problems.