GrowNextGen teacher leader

Stephanie Jolliff

Ag Ed Instructor and FFA Advisor for Ridgemont Schools

Joliff is interested in collaboration about hot topics in agriculture, online-blended learning, agricultural curricular alignment, and innovative educational design.

Teachers are welcome to contact her about:

  • technology
  • blended learning
  • STEM
  • service-learning
  • agricultural subject integration
  • co-teaching with agricultural education instructors
  • career technical education
  • connecting with communities with curriculum

What about teaching excites you?

Each of us has only one chance to walk on this earth. Hence, as an educator, I only get one chance to make a difference in my students’ lives, to prepare them for their future beyond my classroom doors. Student success after high school is the greatest achievement I can offer in education. I work to develop curriculum that provides strong academic instruction combined with innovation and enthusiasm to create an irresistible education. A student’s passions, talents, and dreams should be woven into each student’s educational experience.

How do you help students make the industry or real-world connection to what they’re learning?

  • Networking is a necessary skill taught through authentic experiences, robust mentoring, and excellent modeling.
  • Industry Based Innovation projects that are linked to the student’s interest, career goals and/or SAE provide real-world experiences.
  • Youth should be empowered to be advocates for agriculture through servant leadership.
  • Each individual student deserves to have an innovative educational plan involving their career goals, personal drive, and passions to build a diverse portfolio for their future.
  • Collaborating with agricultural industry professionals and linking them to the curriculum is essential to teach timely, updated, and state-of-the-art content in the agricultural field.
  • Project Based Learning and Service-Learning connect students to the real world and add relevance to rigorous curriculum to close the achievement gap and create civic-minded individuals.