Breakout box time with ag educators

GrowNextGen teacher leader Abby Campbell and her husband Blake shared a fun GMO lesson at the 2021 National Association of Agricultural Educators.

GMOS: what do you know? uses a Breakout Box to reinforce knowledge of things such as:

  • What do the terms ‘transgenic’, ‘GMO’, and ‘recombinant DNA’ mean?
  • Can you sort GMO from non-GMO products?
  • Can you distinguish between GMO misconceptions and facts?
  • What are current labeling standards on GMO food products?
  • What are the differences between conventional breeding, hybrids, transgenic organisms, and other methods of increasing genetic diversity?

The Campbells presented to a group of 65 ag educators. This activity is engaging and informative, and it’s free on our website! Use it with your students!