Commodity Classic 2018: an eye-opening experience!

Fort Jennings High School science teacher Jeff Jostpille was one of several teachers that the Ohio Soybean Council sponsored to attend this year’s Commodity Classic.

The Commodity Classic was a great experience! The Trade Show was jammed packed with so many booths that it was hard to see it all in just 3 days. Seed companies, agricultural technology companies, equipment companies, and many more were all very welcoming and willing to help the teachers attending. We felt like the vendors really appreciated our efforts to get agricultural topics into the classroom. Being able to see the different aspects of what it takes to grow food really makes you appreciate the amount of hats a farmer has to wear today!

Information on spraying nozzles, seed placement and drone data, as well as agbiotech topics such as GMOs and seed genetics all relate well with the resources on the GrowNextGen website. Having seen firsthand how many of the topics are interrelated, it will be very valuable for me to use these ideas as I am teaching my curriculum. I was offered help by many vendors who gave me their card, website, or suggestions and was told to contact them anytime–sometimes even for free materials!

Also, having the chance to get into the politics of agriculture and the worldwide effect that policies have on getting food to people really made me think about how the farmer is producing something that is in high demand, makes a profit for many people, and is on the cutting edge of technology all the time. Farmers are very up to date with what is happening in the world and how it affects what they do each day and into the next generation. For us as teachers, to be so respected by the industry folks and the farmers we met really left an impression on all of us. We all need each other!