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Food Science

If you enjoy the process of making food and delivering it to the public safely, food science may be for you!

Jobs in food science are expected to grow by 10% by 2020. Food scientists are leaders in food production and processing, quality assurance and control, technical representation in the sale and marketing of foods, food product development, food science research, and regulation and enforcement of food laws.

Those who work in Food Science careers may enjoy developing and/or improving food products, improving consumer food products on the grocery shelves, and discovering new food sources and preservation methods to feed the world. The need for trained food scientists has grown steadily in pace with consumer demands for convenient, safe and nutritious food and beverages. Check out the resources below to learn more.

Sample career videos


Watch this video to learn about careers with DuPont Pioneer! Matt Stroud, Product Agronomist and Rebekah Peck, Communications Manager talk about their careers with DuPont Pioneer.

Food processing

Interested in food processing? Watch Dan McGrady, VP of Technical Services and Alicia Sexton, Technologist talk about career opportunities at Wyandot Inc.

Food science

Jamie Hannen, from T.Marzetti, talks food science and explains the details that go into creating soy-based salad dressings. Check out all the career opportunities that are available within food science, technology, research and development and many more!

Careers in Food Science

  • Flavor Chemist
  • Food Biotechnologist
  • Food Chemist
  • Food Engineer
  • Food Ingredient Sales
  • Food Inspector
  • Food Microbiologist
  • Food Product Developer
  • Food Safety Inspector
  • Food Toxicologist
  • Laboratory Director
  • Market Researcher
  • Meat Scientist
  • Natural Products Researcher
  • Packaging Specialist
  • Public Health Official
  • Quality Assurance Manager
  • Sensory Evaluation Expert
  • Sensory Scientist
  • Technical Sales Representative

Want to know what knowledge, skills and academic courses are needed for this career pathway?

E-learning modules

Visit GrowNextGen E-learning for a full listing of e-learning courses or modules. Try one of these modules:

  • Food Science and Technology
  • Food Science and High-Oleic Oil



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