Spin into agriscience

What do you know about soybeans and their innovations?
The goal of this 4-H Special Interest program is to reach youth using a variety of delivery methods. The program includes a leader’s guide containing six hands-on agri-science activities designed especially for second through sixth grade youth in informal settings with teens and adults as learning facilitators. See teacher background →

# Innovation in the soybean industry

Six activities that range from engineering to baking:

  • Germinating soybean seed necklaces
  • Exploring why NesQuick is so quick
  • Experiencing the colorful chemistry of soybeans
  • Investigating soybean oil in microwaveable cakes
  • Discovering the nature of soy ink
  • Engineering a mock oil spill cleanup using EcoBots and soy chemistry


Teacher background

Additional materials are needed to complete the lessons in the leader guide. Eco-bots are available from Brown Dog Gadgets.

This set of activities was developed for county extension agents to be used with youth during the summer of 2021.

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Developed in partnership with the OSU College of Food, Agricultural and Environmental Sciences and educationprojects.org.

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