Where Does Our Food Come From Anyway?

How do growers’ decisions affect the sustainability of agricultural systems?
Understand and appreciate food producers through this case study and determine what decisions must be made on a yearly, monthly or daily basis to maintain an environmental system that will continue to produce food and products to meet consumer demands while maintaining soil and water quality.


Teacher background

Although we have been farming for a large part of human history, modern farming is a complicated process. Fewer than 1% of the United States workers are farmers. Farming has its own jargon and culture and it is big business for many farmers in today’s economy. Watch this video to see why a farmer continues to farm. Decisions must be made based on economics and the environment. If costs of tilling and planting outweigh the yield from a field of corn, wheat or soybeans, the farmer cannot continue to do the same things the following year. There are many unknowns and factors that are out of the control of the farmer, as well: weather factors in particular. All the while, growers must maintain the fertility of the soil and protect the quality of the water, as those are the resources they depend upon most.

Curriculum author

Jane Hunt

Education Consultant at Education Projects & Partnerships LLC at Education Projects & Partnerships LLC.




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